The Advisian Oil Spill Tracking Buoy (OSTB) is designed to accurately track a surface oil spill, with movement of the buoy limited to the met-ocean conditions found at the air-sea interface and in the upper 0.5m of the water column.

With a proven heavy-duty design for 50m free-fall deployments and a global satellite tracking system, the Adevisian OSTB is an instrument which can be safely deployed from oil rigs, rig support vessels and helicopters.

Advisian owns and operates an extensive fleet of OSTBs globally. All systems are managed and serviced by dedicated and trained technical staff.

From previous project experience, examination of existing oil spill response systems and through model validation exercises, it is a proven requirement to deploy multiple OSTBs across a variety of locations during an oil spill incident, i.e. spill fronts and spill central points. This information is vitally important for any Oil Spill Response Team to plan their incident response effectively, and to enable the emergency numerical modelling systems that predict the fate of the spill.


Advisian OSTBs are fitted with a unique, impact-resistant satellite tracking device. For a spill response, each tracker is programmed to wake, locate its position, transmit its location to the dedicated project web interface, and then resume its sleep function. Advisian operates a dedicated web interface for the global OSTB system.

Each buoy has its own identification number and can be tracked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The web interface also allows tracking of multiple OSTBs at once, thus permitting the end user the ability to map the extent of the spill and ultimately calculate dispersion rates.

Oil drifts along the surface of ocean water at 97 percent of current speed, but only a fraction of the wind speed. 

Therefore, it is essential to track these currents, since they account for at least 95 to 98 percent of the ultimate oil spill trajectory.


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