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picture032ccSedimentation produced by dredging can result in severe negative impacts on sensitive ecosystems.

Traditionally, onshore sedimentation levels are measured via a team of field personnel visiting the same wooden stakes on site and physically measuring the clean area on the stick to the nearest centimetre, whilst offshore sediment samples were taken with divers in PVC tubes. This approach involved high field exposure, environmental disturbance and provided low and inaccurate data capture – measurements were taken with a month lag, which did not allow for mitigation measures against the impacting process.

Advisians’ “Sedimentation Scanner” is exclusive technology to WorleyParsons which enables sediment to be measured on a daily basis from the office via a remote scanning device. The scanners can be set up either offshore (corals and seagrass) or onshore (mangroves) and are deployed half buried in the sediment at sensitive benthic primary producer sites.

By using the Scanners, sedimentation can be calculated to the minute if required, but daily calculation provides a proactive way to manage dredge related impacts. Data capture using this technology has been exceptional, providing the first insights into pneumatophores bed stress and mangroves physiological responses to sedimentation.

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The sedimentation scanners are a quantum leap in the way sedimentation is monitored. We were very confident that the technology would work and it is now paying dividends in terms of budget and a better environmental outcome

Craig Wilson – Environmental & Heritage Manager, Port Hedland Port Authority, Craig Wilson

This success shows that innovation in new technologies can reduce risk, reduce exposure to hazards, reduce costs while also achieving a higher level of environmental compliance. Implementation of the ‘diverless’ solutions can lead industry in new and safer ways to do business.

Daniel Kelleher – Principal Health & Safety Advisor, BHP Billiton Iron Ore – Projects, Daniel Kelleher

“WorleyParsons have gone beyond compliance…. this new technology will raise standard for industry”

Richard Sellers – Director General, Department of Mines and Petroluem, Richard Sellers

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