Active & Passive Acoustics

Vibration from underwater noise generated by industrial activities in the marine environment can cause injury to marine fauna. Typically, Marine Fauna Observers spend hours on boat undertaking visual surveys, relying on mammals breaching the surface, to watch if marine fauna enter set exclusion zones. This method has high field exposure, is also only effective during daylight hours and in conducive sea and weather conditions. Advisian prefers to monitor marine fauna using a range of passive and active acoustic monitoring techniques that provide improved detection and protection of marine fauna, whilst reducing costs associated with labour and vessels and providing a safer working environment. This method provides data in real-time, 24 hours a day on a secure website. If there is a breach within a specified exclusion zone, the operator will be alerted immediately via SMS.

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Active Acoustic Monitoring (AAC) is efficiently used as an ‘early warning system’ to identify the presence of fauna in the area. Advisian has developed a stand-alone acoustic package, customised for the marine monitoring industry. This system allows the potential target strength, speed and direction of marine mammals within range to be displayed in real time.



Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) accurately locates and tracks marine fauna using a specialist hydrophone. Advisian have introduced additional functionality of PAM by using a telemetered system. Marine fauna can be tracked, identified and located well in advance of a breach with specific species tracking software so that operators have sufficient time to plan.

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