Deepwater Power Point

WorleyParsons have developed a buoy which can be deployed in the ocean to support ocean observatories, or other subsea equipment with a large power load.


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Industrial enterprises, scientific associations and government organisations need to collect marine data to support critical missions for the digital oilfiled, coastal security and safety or at risk environmental areas. Often data needs to be collected from remote, isolated areas of the ocean. Users need a fully managed solution that enables the real-time delivery if collected data, while being portable for re-deployment in subsequent locations – saving operational costs and reducing deployment times. The Deepwater Power Point (DPP) is exclusive equipment to Advisian which was developed to act as a surface node for sub-sea fibre optic capability. The DPP comprises a buoy with a high bandwidth data connection to a network of sensors and seafloor nodes, allowing real-time delivery of collected data to facilities around the globe.

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