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Our most recent client is a government body in Australia where we have flown Endeavour for more than 100 days delivering various missions, using a multitude of sensors including infrared, multi-spectral, HD photogrammetry and video, often live-streaming data and images to our client.

Client Challenge

During the summer months in Australia, country residents are constantly vigilant and in a state of preparedness to deal with the impacts of the bushfire season. Similar devastating effects were seen in a wildfire in the Canadian province of Alberta. The difficulties that local fire authorities are having in bringing the blaze under control.

The response from governments worldwide is to continually find new and smarter ways of managing the impacts and consequences that arise from bushfires.

Their challenge is to develop better ways of identifying, monitoring and planning their response to such disasters.

Our Solution

In this assignment, our team assisted our client to gather data to monitor bushfires more effectively. This helped them to establish appropriate mechanisms to save lives and properties during the occurrence of bushfires.

This assignment was achieved through a combination of aerial data acquisition using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), and the use of Digital Enterprise’s data processing and integration platform called Assure.