The Unmanned Subsea Surveyor (USS) is exclusive equipment available only through Advisian.

This technology comprises a field mounted hydraulic telescopic arm with a fully flexible camera which captures either stills or video for later or live analysis. The USS can monitor an area of 300m2 using a 10m arm that can rotate 360o.

The USS can be activated and operated immediately and remotely at any time, from anywhere in the world, delivering results within minutes. The USS has application in many industries including oil and gas, mining, dredging, marine construction, government and defence.

Applications include:

• Real time subsea surveillance and protectionMarine well capping stack

• Oil spill leak detection and monitoring

• Underwater/ remote research

• Remote exploration/ support e.g. Arctic

• Offshore drilling/ construction support

• Subsea maintenance


Advisian created a step change in HSE exposure for our customers and personnel by eliminating the requirement for divers and the ongoing field exposure of ROV teams in remote areas, subsea and locations with climatic extremes.

The USS can be operated in 2 modes; autonomous (transit to a specific location at set times), or manual (the user can inspect a specific location).

The USS solves subsea surveillance challenges as the images are fed in realtime to the project control center where security, environment or surrounds can be monitored.

The hybrid AUV / ROV offers an important new technological resource to a range of industries and applications across the world.


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