Click on "Ready" "Response" or "Recovery"

Click on “Ready” “Response” or “Recovery”


Having contingency plans in place, that clearly outline the procedures that need to be implemented post-spill, can significantly minimize an oil spill’s impact.

Our consultants work with clients to develop tailored preparedness plans that identify, assess and prioritize oil spill planning scenarios. We collect key information on the type of oil, its behavior and trajectory, and the sensitivities of potential impacted areas, which then feeds into the response strategy plan. This supports the understanding of risk, and potential impacts of the oil spill.


Should an oil spill occur, our consultants provide full response-plan services, from engineered solutions and procurement of equipment and contractors, to monitoring and oversight of the response effort. Lessons learned from our services to BP as part of the Macondo Incident and the Gulf Coast Restoration, have further trained our staff on the real-world, scaleable requirements for effective response. Advisian also provides:

Oil spill remote tracking and prediction

Air quality monitoring and predictions

Oil spill reconnaissance and surveillance

Oil weathering and characterization studies


Advisian has oil spill planning and response specialists with strong expertise in shoreline cleanup planning. This expertise has been gained from response actions on a number of major oil spills in a wide variety of habitats and settings around the world. Following the initial response from an oil spill, our consultants provide:

State of the environment surveys

Vegetation cleanup and fauna release

Marine fauna medics and fauna recovery programs

Beyond oil spill planning, response and long-term clean-up, our consultants have advised on litigation, insurance claims and stakeholder interaction. This has resulted in more effective restoration efforts, and reduced damages assessed for clients.

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